Business Planning

We are of the opinion that good advice is something that is ongoing and changes with the times, as does your business. It is important to be dynamic and ever changing in a business environment and as such we are constantly improving our skills to ensure that the advice we provide is up to date and relevant in the economic times. Gone are the days of talking to your tax agent once a year to prepare a statutory return for the Australian Taxation Office. This service can be handled by any tax agent on any street corner. Our firm is more interested in assisting you through quality advice, in promoting and growing your business through good times and bad.

As the age old adage suggests: “Only a person who is there for you at your time of need is a real friend.”

Planning for your business from a taxation point of view can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions with the right advice. It is our preference to sit down with our clients at least once a year to plan ahead for business goals or growth, and to ensure that we are optimizing your business synergies. Business planning itself can involve the proposed acquisition of a new business, or incorporating an existing business into your own, through growth strategies. Wherever possible all of your service needs are handled “In-house” and this is usually our preference, as building bonds with new advisors only comes with time.